altrove e' sano e buono!



DALLE 8,30 alle 10.30

Our  Italian style breakfast  it is already included in our rate and offers: Italian caffè, Italian cappuccino, fresh milk, milkshake, juice,  bread of the day with organic marmalade, fresh  brioches, home made biscuit and cakes, yogurt, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable, eggs form our farm.

A la carte:

organic and fresh products made just for you!

fresh fruit smoothie € 4,00,

fruit milkshake € 3,50,

Waffles + marmalade or chocolate € 3,00;

pancake with marmalade or chocolate € 3,00;

scramble eggs  with cheese or bacon € 5,00;

fried eggs  with bacon or cheese € 5,00.

Ask for to Elena she is a great chef!

Snack and Ape

Lunch box take away or delicious,  gourmet dishes to enjoying in the garden?

Try our appetizer made with local seasonal products.

Cookies, cakes and home made marmalade, fresh lemon juice for kids or shake cafe for parents and for people loving English tradition the classic tea at 5 PM. Take a rest in the garden or in the new barn enjoying a relaxing snack.

A glass of good wine or the local spritz  at sunset time is a gorgeous way to muse. Relax your self with our aperitivo: good wine and excellent local food.

Do not lose our seasonal events to test local excellent production like the Bibione's white asparagus! You'll come back avery year to test it again.


Kitchen lessons

Enjoy experience of an italian kitchen lessons attending our simple courses with your kids also!! Book your favorite one. For the season 2017 we offer 3 main courses: 

JUNE: organic marmalade made by seasonal fruits 

JULY :home made Italian fresh pasta

AUGUST: the queen of sauces ... the tomato sauce!

Take the chance to experience with your kids also, it will be a great occasion for them to approach the healthy food. Italian grandma will teach they little secrets, get ready to note them  and try to  know more  chatting together. A good glass of wine will help the learning. let's to build together a a tasty and unforgettable  souvenir of your Italian summer. Of course Elena, our master chef,  will supervise. Contact us and joint to the experience. Rates and program will be available in short time!



The perfect party?

You have only to think about guests and choose the style. All the rest it is our job! From the invitation to the happy end.