open air between country and beach. do you like the country style?

If you’d like to get involved in the farm’s life, you are very welcome to join our team in their daily activities! Picking eggs in the henhouse, mow the lawn, water the vegetables garden and  fruit trees.... Paola, Sante, Elena and Marco will be delighted with your support.. And remember: the vegetable in the garden can be picked and eaten by the guests. You can use them for tasty vinaigrette, grilled vegetables, sweet desserts. Ask Paola and Elena for the farm’s  special recipes.


sport, animals and relax between beach, venetian lagoon and country

You can enjoy nice bike rides and walk tours suitable from beginners to more expert cyclists along the Tagliamento river. There are plenty of activities to make your holiday perfect: yoga, kayaking, SUP , boats’s hire, horse riding on the beach, running in silent country footpaths…have a look at Events’ section to see what’s on. You can also take your pets with you, they are welcome at Altrove.  To stay in our place just be sure dogs have microchips, proof of up-to-date vaccinations and insurance and must be kept on a leash. Let's You discover many local path trough the venetian lagoon, there are  unforgettable routesin unspoiled nature that is untouched by mass tourism. As the name implies, it is a large fishing valley, with forests of holm oaks and black pines, beautiful flowers like birds-eye primrose and swamp gentians and rare animal species like the Hermann’s tortoise. 

There you can also see the remains of an ancient Roman dwelling with fragments of mosaic flooring. This route, travelling over packed and sandy earth, is recommended for expert cyclists on mountain bikes or trekking bikes.

ValGrande is private property, and to access it you need to sign up for a guided excursion. Ask for mode information.

culture,  shopping and romance: the see, the beach, the country are your destination

 Not far away from farm there are some of the most popular and beautiful old roman towns: Aquileia, Caorle, Concordia Saggittaria: discover unexpected and rich antique building and museum. The gorgeous Venice, Trieste, Udine, medieval villages, the historical lagoon dear to Hemingway, the street markets, the luxury shopping. All places you can easily reach in short time.