21 of March. Welcome PRIMAVERA, the season of aromatic plants!

The vegetable Garden  is now ready, we started with aromatic plants,  tomatoes, zucchini, obergine and cucumbers are coming soon. This season we are growing up the delicious rhubarb. We Will use his red stems mixing with our strawberries for a fresh stewed fruit. Our gueests might test it in the breakfast menu.Do you need any ideas for a tasty and healthy fresh salad? Have a look around!

Dandelion, ramson, chives, mint, nettle, poppy and more further Spring's herbs are growing up luxuriant after recent rain. It is now good moment to purify and detoxify your body after winter lethargy.

The bipedal population is carefully watching  what is going on around their house and the chicks are the most curious and gaudy.