season 2018

season 2018 · 21. gennaio 2019
Early wake up, it's Spring time! Our "aromatiche" are ready for transplantation, the hen's population has grown also! New Silkie chicks are coming on end of April, we are absolutely excited about.
season 2018 · 16. luglio 2018
This summer looks very crazy, it was sunny and dry in May and June and now July bring with hem a London weather: it si sunny, cloudy, ranging, windy in the same day! The vegetables in the garden tank a lot this blessing and they grow healthy, crispy and rich in vitamins, mineral salt and water. Cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, aborigine, onions, salad, chard, cucumber and pot herbs like basil, mint, marjoram, thyme they grow lush.
season 2018 · 10. maggio 2018
New season, new born!
season 2018 · 04. maggio 2018
THE GREAT BEAUTY Beautiful and formed blooms with a strong and delicious fragrance, the new season is here and the "English queens" are opening up. In our small garden a fresh scent is spreading. The roses arrived last October form England are gorgeous and the young roots form Germany and France are now putting fresh and emerald green leaves. Come to see our pretty and cozy nursery!